The Child of Darkness, His Angels, and His Mother Wisdom created the Earth and All That is Upon and Immediately Around it. This site is about an In-Depth Study of That and Its Relevance to All of Us

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The New Testament and Divine Alchemy

The New Testament is about ascension. “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, in whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.” James 1:17


The ascension of the chosen ones of the God/Goddess of the Bible. But this information can be applied to anyone of any faith. The principles remain the same no matter what label we place upon the path. 
In the broader sense, if there was a manual for optimal human experience, one of the most potent points would be gratitude. It is the backbone of all spiritual practice. - like attracts like.
When we shift our perspective from what we are lacking and desiring, we temporarily replace the survival factor with the resonance for thriving. When we acknowledge the miracle of our existence and how far we have come despite the challenges, it can bring back our inner smile. Gratitude can enliven an attitude of "I've got this".

Thankfulness is a Master Key

One of the best tricks for bringing 
something into your life is to be 
already thankful for it - as if it 
has already arrived. This sets up the 
frequency of fullness and plenty, 
rather than the frequency of 
emptiness and need.
As I have mentioned before like attracts 
like, but there is a whole other power at 
play here as true gratitude is anchored 
in the heart. Being moved by the sheer 
awe of appreciation and thankfulness is 
hugely pivotal to the way others, and 
our environment, responds to us.
The next step is to give from our 
hearts without being asked or invited. 
When we emanate from a field of new 
earth consciousness, giving can free 
us from expectation, just by knowing 
that we can all thrive together when 
everything flows as a system is a 
perfect sort of gifting.

Know That Everything Always Works Out for the Best

Yes, others may take advantage of this gifting attitude, but not for long. It is very damaging to them in the long run. When you drop the fear of this outcome, it is quite likely that those of this frequency will also fall away. Knowing that everything will always work out for the best is in your highest interest. 
Positive heart energy is key. 
Holding up a beacon of light in this way creates incentive and inspiration to those around you. As their cup fills it unlocks space within them for cups of resources in other areas of life to fill and overflow. Thus, this continued giving and overflowing has a domino effect from person to person.
new testament


new testament
Receptivity is a critical factor in 
the art of giving. Those who struggle 
to feel that they have the resources 
to give may also have trouble 
receiving. Some do not feel worthy 
enough to receive - even from 
As mentioned, heart energy is key to 
gratitude and receptivity. Here, it 
brings us to self-love and how important 
it is for feeling "full enough" so that 
our overflow doesn't ever deplete.

When you allow yourself to receive from 
those in their heart's joyous overflow 
and give from a place beyond expectation 
or obligation, a whole new paradigm 
reveals itself.
You will discover a new way of thriving. 
Giving and receptivity is a two way flow. 
Each allows space for the other. When we 
are in our hearts, we have limitless 
resources and that starts with gratitude.

A Revelation is Due

You are due for a revelation, an awakening into a deeper recognition and over-standing of your true spiritual passion and sacred life purpose. Revealing all that is entailed in manifesting it in loving co-creation with the Universe.

The situations, behaviors and relationships that were appropriate and acceptable at earlier stages of your life journey will not necessarily continue to be so as your spiritual path progresses. Notice the effect of people, places and situations on your state of mind. Such effects could be uplifting and helpful. However, even if intentions are good, the effect may be diminishing. Thus, compromising your ability to hold connection to the light.
Look at situations from all angles and you will become more open.
You will know when that is happening because your inspiration, your idealism and your hope, all of which give you vital energy to work towards fulfillment of your most cherished dreams, slowly become tainted by lower frequency beliefs.

Instead of trusting, you become fearful and impatient. Instead of being true to your original vision, you believe that you must change yourself to suit the world. Consequently, feelings of unhappiness and lack of confidence in your ability to complete your tasks may make you feel overwhelmed, inadequate and insecure.

True Messages From the Divine Father/Mother

From a place of wisdom, rather than fearfulness, take care of what sort of energy you allow to have direct and unfettered access to your inner being. Such a position of potential influence over your state of mind is best reserved for the Divine Father/Mother. 
You will know when a message or impression is coming from a pure place because of what happens in your being in response to it. You feel happy, at peace, willing and capable, even in the face of challenge.
You will have a sense that all things are working as they are meant to, and although you will be more relaxed, you will also be more focused, productive and inspired. 
Genuine divine guidance does not create anxiety, nor does it paint something to be well when it is in need of repair. 
Yet, no matter the content of the message, you will feel relief in the face of such loving and helpful truth. If someone or something has stolen away your peace of mind and certainty of heart, use the healing process of meditation and your own intention to claim it back.

There is a vision unfolding within your being, an urging from the Sacred Masculine/Feminine. It is something which is deep within your bones that you recognize as truth. It may still be blossoming into fullness but if you tune in to yourself through meditation, you can feel the essence of its beauty and grace. it is not wishful thinking or fantasy. Do not give up on your beautiful visions.
new testament

Books of the New Testament

I CorinthiansII CorinthiansGalatians
I ThessaloniansII ThessaloniansI Timothy
II TimothyTitusPhilemon
HebrewsJamesI Peter
II PeterI JohnII John
III JohnJudeRevelation

Meditation: Faith and Insight Activation


Choose an affirmation and repeat several times daily, or during meditation.

  • With faith, anything and everything is possible.
  • I have faith that the best possible outcome will unfold.
  • I am willing to take a leap of faith.


Close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Feel the muscles in your body softening and relaxing. Focus on you breathing until you feel calm and relaxed. Imagine a large book in front of you, radiating light it contains unlimited insight and ideas to help you in all area of your life.

Think of a question or issue of significance to you, and imagine how you will when you gain clarity about it. Focus on those feelings. Ask the book your question or for general insight, and wait for it to flip open to a page by itself. In your mind’s eye look at the page.

What do you see? An image? Words? Or do you get a feeling?

Thank the book for its help and slowly open your eyes.


Show you have faith by trusting your own decisions, taking a few risks, and showing faith in others. Let people know that you trust their judgement. Demonstrating faith is a path that leads closer to your dreams.

Chakras Highlighted in New Testament

Heart ChakraHigh Heart ChakraThroat ChakraThird Eye ChakraCrown ChakraSoul Star Chakra

Faith is to believe what you do not see, the reward of this faith is to see what you believe.

Saint Augustine


Alchemist Iris

Alchemist Iris is a minister, Reiki master, and hypnotherapist who has studied the Bible for many years with many differing opinions in many churches. She is also a researcher who is interested in people and how the Bible can best be used to help people to be spiritually the best versions of themselves. Her interest in fashion and interior design are also useful in helping others present to the world the vision that best defines them.

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