The Child of Darkness, His Angels, and His Mother Wisdom created the Earth and All That is Upon and Immediately Around it. This site is about an In-Depth Study of That and Its Relevance to All of Us

Inner Bible Alchemy
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Bible Books of Law and Divine Alchemy

The Divine Father and The Divine Mother

The Bible Books of Law speak of a very real law told in allegory.

The Bible is both masculine and feminine. The law is about how you conduct your inner life which tells much in how you live your outer life.

The story of the Divine Father and the Divine Mother are told in it's pages. The truth of the matter is, all of us have both qualities of the masculine and the feminine within.
The most important thing about the bible books of law is that these allegorical events are happening within you and around you at some time in your life. 
These stories are not some distant past events outside yourself that happened to some long lost people of history. The challenges you go through lead up to initiations. These initiations are real time events that are not happening to you but for your benefit. The benefits that come to you are true Divine alchemy.
book of law

Bible Books of Law in the Masculine

The Divine Father

book of laaw
The Divine Father energy is godly leadership, 
which entails the wisdom of justice and mercy. 
This spirit of divine masculine actively 
expresses itself to right the wrongs of the 
world. The soul quality of masculine 
integrity places you on the right side of 
the spiritual laws of the Universe. 

Opening yourself up to this energy will 
increase the qualities of luck, grace, power 
and the energy and ability to succeed. Thus, 
you will be able to step into leadership roles 
for the benefit of your communities. This 
puts you in the position of increasing power 
and influence. Your integrity will help you 
embody the energy wisely.
In a position of spiritual influence, 
you will sometimes end up standing 
apart from others who may demonstrate 
less inner strength. 
By refusing to compromise what you know is 
true, you will be able to uplift those who 
are ready to go beyond the ego limitations 
of greed, laziness and boredom. You can 
bring about a new understanding that one's 
standard of living is about more than 
personal ownership of possessions. Rather, 
it is about the inner state of being and 
how we choose to live the life we have 
been given.

How to Make Decisions With Integrity

Your influence is not about encouraging others to make the same choices that you have made for yourself, but about learning to honor their own integrity to make their own wise decisions. In this way, you become a spiritual protector and guardian of those in your communities, helping each individual to grow according to their own soul journey. This is best done through self examining meditation.

Divine Father urges us to care for and protect each other. You are urged to be firm about what is just and what is correct. You are also to be merciful and have compassion in your heart. We are all human beings who will stumble many times in life.
If you are courageous enough to pursue a path of justice and truth, the Divine Father will support and encourage you. 
The moment you are moved to hardness, even if you believe it is in pursuit of a noble cause, you lose your spiritual footing, compromise your values of mercy and compassion and undermine your strength of leadership.
book of law

Spiritual Citizenship

In this advanced spiritual citizenship, 
you recognize that your empowerment comes 
from your consciousness. You use your 
will to uphold that hard earned and 
precious consciousness. This stern 
determination is not in an attempt to 
dominate another, but to evoke a quality 
of soul that inspires others towards taking 
their own healing actions.
Divine Father wisdom will, at some stage, bring you into a testing period during which you will feel challenged.
You may question - or be questioned- as 
to whether you are being realistic or if 
you should just adopt the same 
lower-frequency approach as most others 
seem to do. In your heart, however, you 
know that the moment you do this, you 
would lose yourself.

Initiation into the Divine Father Wisdom

As you pass through the initiation of Divine Father wisdom, you will get to a place where you realize that if you are willing to sell your soul to obtain results, then you have lost - not won. This detour from the desired path may come even though you have not lost the passion for the healing outcome you truly desire. 
Meditate on all outcomes before deciding on a course of action.
At this level of internal spiritual integrity, the Divine Father can rely upon you to be a faithful helper in this world for loving higher purposes. You are a trustworthy initiate, a true devotee to wisdom. And so the appearance of your divine masculine traits foretell a successful and highly visible soul mission for you this lifetime.
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The Divine Father’s Love For the Divine Mother

The Divine Father’s love for the Divine Mother is expressed in his masculine potency to defend the Sacred Feminine by putting in the energy, action and commitment required to bring her values to life. There is a time and a place when the feminine must come forward. We are not talking about embodied men and women, we are talking about the masculine and feminine within ourselves,

Bible Books of Law in the Feminine

The Divine Mother

The Divine Mother energy infuses the laws of the Universe with wealth, beauty, love, intuitive wisdom and spiritual enlightenment. Through the Divine Mother's energies you are able to do a lot of good in this world. The Divine Mother will assist you with your purpose so that you succeed with grace. 
Take action. Allow the light of spirit into your soul so that you never again feel that you are doing anything on your own.
Remind yourself regularly you have a divine sponsor, guide, coach, partner, friend with you always. That friend has unlimited resources and the most powerful will of all. Notice how your confidence to take action increases when you build that belief system within yourself. Notice how much more secure, courageous, graceful and willing you become.
book of law

Walk Your Talk

book of law
Part of your spiritual path requires that 
you walk your talk. Live in a way that 
shows optimism and practicality. When 
something's not working, don't hide from 
it. Face it. You have spiritual 
self-esteem and self-confidence. 
Choose courage. You can confront what 
isn't working and meditate upon it 
thus coming up with intuitive answers 
that work.
Rather than becoming overwhelmed or afraid
 of any darkness, remember that the Holy 
Divine Mother is with you and within you. 
With your active participation, she will 
bring you everything that you need to 
confront and tackle any issue, no matter 
how intimidating it may seem. One step at 
a time is always the right method.

Educate Yourself

Along with the power of your divine connection, you have the intelligence and ability to find information, to educate yourself, to try out new behaviors so as to become an active part of the solution for any matter that concerns you.

Meditate on all outcomes before deciding on a course of action.

books of law
Taking these steps will boost your self 
esteem and your energy levels, helping 
you to feel good about yourself and your 
presence in the world. 

It's not about being perfect, it's about 
taking that next step for you to become 
the best version of yourself at this 
point in time. Trust in divine timing.
Realize that there is far-reaching good 
that can happen through you as you 
continue to be actively engaged with 
life and with the inner divine 
relationship between yourself and the 
Divine Father/Mother. 

Believe in what you can do. Know that those in the collective with the same vibration will energetically connect with you to accomplish much good in the world. Continuously align yourself with the joint passionate love affair of the Divine Father and Divine Mother. This along with the adoring devotion to Mother Earth is for your and the collectives greatest good.

The Divine Mother’s Love for the Divine Father

The Divine Mother’s love for the Divine Father is expressed in her feminine potency to infuse all creation with unconditional love and grace beyond human frailty. There is a time and a place when the masculine must come forward. We are not talking about embodied men and women, we are talking about the masculine and feminine within ourselves.

The Pentateuch (Law) Books of the Bible


Wisdom Potential Meditation and Activation


Choose an affirmation and repeat several times a day, or during meditation (masculine/feminine).

  • Each day I gain wisdom that benefits me.
  • I trust my inner wisdom to lead me to where I need to be.
  • I see each challenge as an opportunity to gain more wisdom.


Close your eyes and get comfortable. 
Take several deep breaths and notice 
how each breath starts small and then 
fills your lungs. See yourself walking 
into a beautiful garden. There is a 
tiny sprout emerging from the ground.

Become aware of its potential. Smile 
and tell it, "You can become anything 
you want."

Then watch it slowly grow larger, see 
the sun shining on it and giving it 
strength. Watch it open up into a small 
flower. Leaves grow from the stem. The 
flower brightens in color then becomes 
larger and more detailed and beautiful. 
Feel amazement at this process and watch 
it become the most beautiful flower in 
the garden.

See its beauty and magnificence 
radiating outward and shining on all 
the other plants. See it shining on you 
in thanks for the encouragement you gave 
it. When you open your eyes, know that 
there is potential in all things, 
including yourself and in the right 
environment with the right support, 
full potential can be realized.
That right environment exists inside of 
you. Go within and see the inner sun 
giving you strength.

Three Tips to Gain More Wisdom

  1. Attend an educational and empowering workshop or seminar.
  2. Participate in new experiences to add to your life experience.
  3. Learn to meditate and listen to your inner wisdom.

Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers.

Alred, Lord Tennyson


Alchemist Iris

Alchemist Iris is a minister, Reiki master, and hypnotherapist who has studied the Bible for many years with many differing opinions in many churches. She is also a researcher who is interested in people and how the Bible can best be used to help people to be spiritually the best versions of themselves. Her interest in fashion and interior design are also useful in helping others present to the world the vision that best defines them.

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