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The Feminine Meditation

The Feminine Meditation is processing feelings, allowing them their space and allowing them leave when it’s time.

Give Your Feelings Some Space

feminine meditation

Meditation Preparation

Feelings are real. They serve a purpose. 
They tell us something is off balance. 
There is something that needs to have 
some attention paid to it. We must 
process feelings in order to be healthy.

It's common to tighten up around your 
discomfort. You tense up when you are 
struggling with something. Trying to rid 
yourself of the uneasiness.

First, welcome the pain in with a caring presence. You have the strength to retrain your mind. Then:

  • Relax.
  • Loosen up.
  • Make room for the pain.
  • Process it.
  • Then let it go.
  • Let it flow away.
  • Breathe
This exercise will help you build a nonreactive awareness. Rather than being controlled by every challenging situation, allow it to be present. Then when it is time it can move forward. And so can you.

The Feminine Meditation Practice

For this meditation practice, find a comfortable position. You may choose to do this exercise sitting up or laying down. Give yourself a few minutes to settle. You can close your eyes or softly focus them on an object or the floor. 

Breath deeply, allowing the mind and body to relax more and more with each exhale. Set the intention that you will be addressing emotions that need to be acknowledged and healed.

Without ignoring any unpleasantness that comes up, invite in peace and calmness

Pay attention to any painful emotion that presents itself. Don't immerse into the story. Just observe unattached. Recognize how your mind and body are feeling. Ask your body if it is experiencing sadness, fear, frustration or disappointment. Just notice the overall feeing you are experiencing.

Make space for the emotion by offering phrases of compassion in your mind. Remember you intention is to care for the pain, not ignore it nor minimize it. Offer these phrases:

You are welcome here.

There is space for you here.

I welcome you with compassion.

Continue to offer the phrases for as long as needed. Generally five minutes. Reconnect with your intention to tend to your experience with compassion and an open heart. As you finish this meditation, refocus your attention to your breath. With each exhale, soften the body. Let your shoulders dro

Emotional pain cannot kill you, but running from it can. Allow. Embrace. Let yourself feel. Let yourself heal.

Vironika Tugaleva

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