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The Child of Darkness, His Angels, and His Mother Wisdom created the Earth and All That is Upon and Immediately Around it. This site is about an In-Depth Study of That and Its Relevance to All of Us

Inner Bible Alchemy

Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra is the origin of expression. It is the source of the life spark that inspires our aliveness and stokes the creative fires in others.

Express Your Truth

throat chakra

Unique Language

The Throat Chakra is the origin of expression. It is the source of the life spark that inspires our aliveness and stokes the creative fires in others. This is the outer sharing of our inner being… the glowing song of our soul, on the winds of our flight ot understanding more of who we are.

Connect to the crux of your potential and take it further than you could have imagined. As spirit fuses into the tangible, it actualizes as a platform for greater experience and new facets are sculpted, seeded and shared as a fractal of light in the form of our own unique language.

Throat Chakra Meditation

Sit in a comfortable position that will allow you to remain alert and then focus your concentration on this exercise. Close your eyes and prepare for the meditation.

  • As you bring yourself into the present moment, check the mind and body for things you have carried throughout the day – perhaps things that have been going on recently or thoughts from the events of the day.
  • Whatever the thoughts and feelings are, simply acknowledge them and allow them to be, without any analysis or judgement.
  • Bring awareness to your breathing. Just breathe naturally and normally, without trying to control it; being mindful of the breath rising and falling as you inhale and exhale. As you breathe in focus on breathing in and then as you breathe out, focus on breathing out. Simply concentrate on the breath, breathing in and breathing out.
  • Now gently shift your focus from the breath and bring it to sensations on the body. Observe and acknowledge the myriad of sensations flowing through the body as they change with each moment.
  • If you find areas of tightness and tension with your body check try to allow them to soften and relax. Focus on the Crown Chakra. Keep listening to your breath and allow what ever may come. When you feel finished open your eyes. Focus on the Throat Chakra. Allow whatever comes. When you are ready open your eyes.

Healing the Throat Chakra

Inner Knowing

Be truthful with yourself about how you are really feeling. If you always act in integrity and follow your heart centered north, some unhealthy connections or aspects of your life may fall away, and you will be in complete alignment with your path.

In this way, your internal/psychic navigations system will become strengthened, your purpose will be clear, and you will inspire others through the sparkle of your deep inner knowing

Expression, communication, your own creative language, sharing your spirit, accepting your originality, truth, authenticity

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