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The Child of Darkness, His Angels, and His Mother Wisdom created the Earth and All That is Upon and Immediately Around it. This site is about an In-Depth Study of That and Its Relevance to All of Us

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Root Chakra

Ground and Center: Root Chakra Representing Earth Signs Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo

root chakra
The Root Chakra
Manifests the Energies of the Root Chakra
The Root Chakra is about finding home 
within yourself, a sense of deep inner 
peace and a strong sense of grounding 
and being centered. Here, you can be 
released from the grips of survival into 
a place of thriving. 

There is trust, connection to community, 
and you can rely on others and joyfully 
understand your responsibilities in turn. 
You are held and have a strong foundations 
for all aspects of life. With your guard 
down, you have the tools to ride the waves 
if you need. Everything is okay.

Figuratively, stand with ten toes planted 
deep into the earth. Be feed by the 
earth's life giving soil and watered by 
it's clean underground springs. 

Breath in and nourish the earth's soil 
with oxygen. Breath out and cleanse the 
earth by releasing toxins in the soil. 
Become one with this beautiful planet.

Meditation on the Root Chakra

Sit in a comfortable position that will allow you to remain alert and then focus your concentration on this exercise. Close your eyes and prepare for the meditation.

  • As you bring yourself into the present moment, check the mind and body for things you have carried throughout the day – perhaps things that have been going on recently or thoughts from the events of the day.
  • Whatever the thoughts and feelings are, simply acknowledge them and allow them to be, without any analysis or judgement.
  • Bring awareness to your breathing. Just breathe naturally and normally, without trying to control it; being mindful of the breath rising and falling as you inhale and exhale. As you breathe in focus on breathing in and then as you breathe out, focus on breathing out. Simply concentrate on the breath, breathing in and breathing out.
  • Now gently shift your focus from the breath and bring it to sensations on the body. Observe and acknowledge the myriad of sensations flowing through the body as they change with each moment.
  • If you find areas of tightness and tension with your body check try to allow them to soften and relax. Focus on the Root Chakra at the base of your spine.
  • One of the best things you can do to bring something into your life is to be already thankful for it – as if it already happened. See your chakra healed and thriving and it will be. Ask it if there is anything you need to do to help it heal. When you are ready open your eyes.

Restoring the Root Chakra

Spend time in nature. Sit or stand barefoot in nature and feel your roots merging with the earth beneath you. Consider your founding beliefs. If they no longer serve you, it may be time to reconsider your priorities or the foundations you live your life by. Be aware of any recurring patterns that may be holding you back.

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