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The Child of Darkness, His Angels, and His Mother Wisdom created the Earth and All That is Upon and Immediately Around it. This site is about an In-Depth Study of That and Its Relevance to All of Us

Inner Bible Alchemy

The Sun Tarot Energy

The Sun energies prompt: Cultivate happiness, vitality and joy. The peak of summer’s power wards off every ill. Shine on! Celebrate yourself and your successes.

The Sun and St John’s Wort

the sun

The Sun energy can be embodied by a man, woman or situation. The Sun can be considered the most favorable of all the Major Arcana cards. It symbolizes knowledge, vitality and a good future.

The Sun energies manifest in St John’s Wort.

St John’s Wort

Happiness begets happiness. Radiate liveliness and vitality. Fully experience the sheer gift of being alive. St John’s Wort is best known as a mind lifting plant, but it also repairs skin form trauma and soothes nerve related pain. The flower buds emit a rich pigment that yields vibrant red potions. The flowers and buds peak at the height of summer, the most potent time for wildcrafting.

Make magic medicine when your joy is in full bloom.

Seek vibrant people and healing experiences that build good energy and boost your power. The leaves of St John’s Wort shimmer like diamonds when held up to the sun. Step into the light and show your sparkle.

The Energies of the Sun

The energies of the Sun includes:

  • positivity
  • freedom
  • fun
  • success
  • optimism
  • vitality
  • joy
  • confidence
  • self-expression
  • good luck
  • enthusiasm
  • happiness
  • truth
  • openness
  • pregnancy

Crafting With The Sun


The botanical world is rich with mythology and medicine that spans across countries, eras and ideologies.

  • Keep bright flowers in your home to promote a sense of joy
  • Craft oils and elixirs with St John’s wort to invoke the healing powers of light during dark times.
  • Wear bright red lipstick and nail polish to celebrate your fabulous self.
  • Healing With the Color Emerald Green: Video

Mini Meditation


Get into a relaxing position and close your eyes, make sure you are a comfortable temperature and not likely to be interrupted.

  • Take three deep breaths
  • Feel your tension melting away.

Imagine yourself doing one of the crafts mentioned above. Use your imagination. Make it as elaborate or as simple as you like. Have whomever you would like to be there come and share the time with you.

Imagine what it would look and feel like, as if it were really happening. Use your five senses and imagine all the sensory details as though you are really there.

Be creative and indulge in this moment.

Spend as long as you like in this visualization and feel the benefits of crafting with nature. Think about your meditation as often as you like as you go through your day. If possible, create it in reality.


The Herbcrafter


An herbcrafter is an afficianada of the botanical realm. She is in love with plants and longs to know them more deeply.

Her approach is driven by a playful, wild spirit.

The herbcrafter embraces the plant world as her teacher and friend through observation and botany, gardening and wildcrafting, medicine and kitchen craft, fiber arts and weaving, art and magic.

She recognizes herself as part of nature. She seeks reciprocity in all things. Through the relationship with the botanical world, she learns how plants and people can be of service to one another.


Cultivate happiness, vitality and joy. The peak of summer’s power wands off every ill. Shine on! Celebrate yourself and your successes.

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