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Meditation on The Number Five

Number Five = Mediation and Sacrifice

The Number Five equals mediation and sacrifice. The Number Five is often associated with the color Dusky Teal (Azure). Teal purifies your aura and strengthens your connections to the Divine. Leading you to discover your truth and empowering you to make important life choices.

Number Five
Breathe in Teal rays of light to 
feel safe and secure, imagining a 
Teal bubble of light that 
surrounds and protects you.

Say, "I ask Divine Healing Light 
to surround me with love, peace 
and healing. Please bar any dense 
energy from entering my space and 
affecting me. Thank You."

Do this for yourself and your 
loved ones whenever you would like 
some added protection.
Number Five: Expansion, Movement, Change
number five
The energy of the Number Five 
brings a time of unexpected 
change, when anything can 
happen and usually does. 
This energy can encourage you 
to think of your life as an 
adventure in which exciting 
opportunities could appear at 
any moment.

Sacrifice Your Fear in 
Exchange for Love

Don't fear the unfamiliar and 
unknown. You are urged to 
embrace expansion, movement 
and change. This is a time to 
go with the flow and open 
yourself to opportunities that 
will improve your quality of 
Anything is Possible
Anything is possible. The wheels 
are already set in motion, so be  
sure to play your part by moving 
closer to your dreams. Make 
changes in your mind set, 
relationships, residence, 
lifestyle or career. Shift the 
things needed things around to 
serve your greatest good. It is 
time to broaden your horizons 
and re-spark your passion for 

In order to improve your 
current situation, you are 
being asked to adjust to and 
harmonize with the natural 
rhythm and cycles of your 
life. Cycles that are leading 
you toward a time of movement 
and change. Procrastination, 
resistance and fear only take 
you out of alignment, so 
surrender yourself to the 
opportunities that are about 
to present themselves. Trust 
that you're Divinely loved and 
guided, and you'll be shown 
the way.


Lucifer means bright star of the five senses. When you have control of your senses you are a bright shining star.

The five senses are:

  • Hearing
  • Taste
  • Touch
  • Smell
  • Sight

The bright star, Lucifer, symbolizes man’s potential.

When you are in your higher consciousness, you are a bright star. When you are in your lower consciousness, you have fallen into wanton ways with drugs, alcohol, improper sexual activities, and crime of all types.

Strong Foundation

When we are born we have 33 vertebra. Around the age of 5 or 6 the bottom five fuse together making a foundation for our torso. The five become one. The strong, healthy foundation of our body. This is symbolic of what must happen spiritually. The five senses must become one as a strong, healthy foundation of our consciousness.

Meditation: Number Five Energy

Change is needed in the self-talk that most people engage in. It is in general unkind. You beat yourself up, hold yourself to unrealistic standards, and focus on how to always be better. With mindfulness you can tune into these thoughts and acknowledge them.

You can also learn to tune into the things you like about yourself. Even if they are obvious. These parts of you that you like should be acknowledged. In this exercise, you will bring your awareness to these aspects of yourself to offer a more complete picture of who you are.

feminine meditation

1st Meditation: 5-4-3-2-1

Leaving your eyes open, notice five things you can see. You can say them out loud or silently in your head. With each of the things you are looking at, take the time to view them completely.

Next, notice four things you can feel in your body. Note them out loud or in your head. Rest your intention with each feeling for a few deep breaths.

Name three things you can hear. Try to choose three different sounds. Don’t notice the same sound three times.

Note two things you can smell. If you cannot seem to smell two different thing where you are, feel free to move to a place where there is something to smell.

Finally, find one thing you can taste. It may be the leftover taste of a meal, your toothpaste, or just your breath. If you cannot connect with one at the moment, remember a taste you like in general.

2nd Meditation: Appreciation

Close your eyes and find a comfortable position in which to sit. Bring your awareness to the sensation of your body breathing. You can focus on the chest, abdomen or nostrils. For the first few minutes, allow the mind to settle and focus by bringing your attention back to your breathing as much as is needed.

Once the mind is settled, bring your attention to something that you like about yourself. Start with the body. Ask yourself what you like about your body, and just pause to appreciate it for a moment. It may be a physical feature, like your hair or your skin, or it may be a quality, like strength or flexibility. As something arises, stay with the experience of liking this part of yourself for a few breaths.

After a minute or two of working with the body, switch to the mind. Look to the qualities of your mind and emotional experiences. Ask yourself what do you appreciate about your brain, your insight and your personality. Again, simply be with the appreciation whenever something arises.

For the last few minutes focus on the traditional five senses; sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch. Go through each sense, recognizing the beauty and pleasure these senses have brought you. For example, recognize that your sense of hearing has allowed you to hear the voice of a loved one. The sense of touch has allowed you the pleasure of a hug. Be with each sense, the pleasure it brings you, with appreciation. Open your eyes when you are ready.

‘The measure of intelligence is the ability to change

Albert Einstein

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