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July 18

Spiritual Artful Force

July 18, the Day of the Spiritual Artful Force energies prompt people to take what they do seriously. No matter how relaxed or comfortable they may appear to others, they are intent on reaching their goals and being responsible family members and friends. If this is your birthday, or if you resonate with the energies of today then you can give the impression of having your life pretty well figured out.

Unfortunately, while the demands they place on themselves are high they are also likely to lay a heavy burden on those close to them. If they have outright followers or employees they can be extremely moral, stern and demanding of obedience to their wishes.

July 18 and The Star

the star, cottonwood

Spiritual Artful Force and Kindness Activation


Choose an affirmation and repeat several times daily, or during meditation (masculine/feminine).

  • By being kind, I attract kindness into my life.
  • It is a joy to spread kindness around the world.
  • Every interaction I take part in is an opportunity for kindness


When you spread kindness, kindness comes back to you. But don’t be kind in order to receive kindness, be kind for the sheer pleasure it brings you. Random or anonymous acts of kindness are a great way to add a touch of something special to your life and the lives of others.

It is incredibly rewarding to know you have made someone’s day, even if you’re not there to see it. Try doing one or more of these things, and add your own ideas to the list. Maybe even join forces with a friend and have a kindness weekend completing various tasks.

  • Leave money with a shop assistant and tell them you’d like to help pay for the next customer’s purchase.
  • Leave a small anonymous gift for someone to find.
  • Write a letter of encouragement for a stranger and leave it in their mailbox or inside a book at the library.

Alchemist Iris

Alchemist Iris is a minister, Reiki master, and hypnotherapist who has studied the Bible for many years with many differing opinions in many churches. She is also a researcher who is interested in people and how the Bible can best be used to help people to be spiritually the best versions of themselves. Her interest in fashion and interior design are also useful in helping others present to the world the vision that best defines them.

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