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Intention of Ascension

If you are a person with intention of ascension (the act of rising to an important position or a higher level), you have an intuitive ability to recognize truths of the spirit. It is a deep listening for truth beyond physical words and their logical meaning. This is the way the initiate on the path of ascension hears, with the soul. Through the power of his or her own inner experiences, the ascension initiate is able to create spiritual wisdom for the community. Therefore bringing balance and unity between the realm of God and the Earth.

As one who holds the potential power of the adept, it is part of your soul journey to seek out deeper meaning. Never assume that the whole truth is revealed in what another says. Sometimes the truth is evidenced in what is not being said. Though the truth is being communicated in other ways. When you have mastered this skill, people will naturally be drawn to you for counsel. You must be sure that loving wisdom is the source through which all your counsel is gleaned.

Part of the adept life path involves the intention to mastery over the extremes of existence. Energetic highs followed by crushing fatigue. Feeling taxed beyond your limits of body and mind. Perhaps even an experience of near – death or symbolic death of the personality. There can be profoundly challenging illnesses in body or mind. Many experience a period of spiritual darkness which eventually leads you to a healing rebirth. These are all possible ways that the adept soul can progress through its training. Such challenges are a form of initiation. The soul is learning to become able to consciously contain and channel energy according to its will. This way it can avoid being tossed about by the forces of the world. It takes time, but eventually the soul learns to live from a place of inner balance and spiritual grounding.

The adept is empowered to guide others through what has been mastered. Thus, moderating and containing what is required for healing. This evokes balances in the lives of those they touch.

Soul training in the adept happens through your life experiences. It may or may not involve official training as a spiritual initiate. Yet, in some way you will be taught and guided by an initiated teacher. Training includes meditation. When it is the right time for you, God will bring you the necessary guides and teachers in the spiritual and physical worlds. You will then masterfully and safely navigate the spiritual realms and your personal “dark night of the soul”.

This will increase your ability to hear and channel the messages of the Divine. Trust that your heart will recognize your true teachers. As an initiate, you must participate fully in this unfolding journey with intention, trust, prayer and thanksgiving.


Choose an affirmation and repeat several times daily, or during meditation.

  • When I set an intention and focus on being happy, miracles happen.
  • Clear and specific intentions bring clear and specific results.
  • My mind has the power to deliberately create an intended result.

Intentions are powerful tools to manifest what you desire. By getting clear about what you want, you are more likely to be open and aware of relevant opportunities and more likely to attract what you intend into your life.

The first key is to get clear and specific. The second key is to make choices each day that match your intentions. The third way is to not fixate or obsess about it but let things happen in their own natural way. Take inspired action when appropriate. Don’t force your intention into reality for this is working against God. You are a co-creator with Him.


Find a place to sit where you can rest in silence or in the healing sounds of nature. If you prefer, rest with beautiful music (perhaps creating your own, with singing bowls or your own voice). Allow the sounds that fill your ears – even if those sounds are silence – to be recognized as sacred.

Gently rub your ears, massaging lightly around the base, where they connect with your head. Then visualize, feel or pretend that your ears can relax… the inside of your ears becoming relaxed… the outside of your ears becoming relaxed.

Say aloud, “I release from my ears on all levels – physical, electrical and spiritual – anything that is not of the Divine. I release all lies and criticisms. I release all pain. I soften and let go so that my ears can become empty and ready to receive the healing comfort of God. I invite in the truth of unconditional love, divine guidance and sacred silence now.

Then rest. Imagine, feel or pretend that your ears can become so relaxed that they become pleasantly empty. Empty of pressure, heat and tension. You may like to move your jaw around and open your mouth to help relax the ears. Then soften your face. When you feel suitably relaxed, imagine, feel or pretend that a soft silence, which is the loving presence of God – is with you completely now. You are in a healing state.

Stay here for a long as you wish.

Our intention creates our reality

Dr Wayne W Dyer

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