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Keep the Home Fires Burning

Keep the home fires burning. Or keep a light on in the house, are old sayings that have come down to us from the ages. Many people say it means to keep the home ready for a love one, or friendly persons arrival.

Serpentine Fire

home fires
Keeping the Home Fires Burning
I think this saying can have a much deeper, more personal meaning. Keeping the home fires burning or keeping a light on in the house has a spiritual meaning. The home being the body. The serpentine fire illuminates the inner person. 

Home Fires referred to as;

the sixth sense, 

holy spirit, 

extra sensory perception (ESP), 

or claircognizance

The Inner Wisdom

Beneficial Decisions

ntuition is a quiet inner wisdom (which means clear knowing). It is always there in the background, constantly offering guidance whether we're conscious of it or not. Intuition often makes itself felt:

as a hunch, a gut feeling

a shiver along the spine

goosebumps on the skin

or just an instant inexplicable sense of clarity concerning an aspect of life

Common examples of intuition at play include, suddenly thinking of someone you haven't seen for ages. Then, out of nowhere, they suddenly appear out of the blue later that day. Or, getting a strong urge to make what seems like an illogical choice, that proves to be the right one. Tuning into and learning to decipher these subtle intuitive signals can help people make beneficial decisions.

What is Inner Wisdom?

home fires

Quiet Contemplation

Inner wisdom or intuition, is a bit of a mystery. It is not easily explained because it is of the spiritual realm. Beyond rational thought. Some describe it as though the Higher Self is speaking. Giving important nudges and insights to help us navigate life.

Listening to that internal voice is a choice, but many find it difficult to connect with their inner knowing. It can be even harder to interpret what that gut feeling is trying to say.

Judith Orloff is a psychiatrist on the UCLA Psychiatric Clinic Faculty and a New York Times bestselling author. In her book, Second Sight, she says that often loud messages from the intellect can drown out intuition. 

To jump over this hurdle, learn to access the stillness within. Practices like meditation, quiet contemplation, prayer or connecting with nature help. People can begin to hear the inner voice with greater ease.

Stop the Internal Chatter

Definite Answers

Apart from the incessant internal chatter that can block intuition, the noise of modern life distracts also. We have electromagnetic frequencies to deal with. These frequencies are thought to impact the ability to tune in to inner wisdom. Similar to static that can block a clear signal  when listening to a radio show. 

Yet, despite all these distractions, there are way to establish a stronger intuitive connection. Even though, there is a learning curve to be able to trust the beneficial information that just magically seems to come out of nowhere.

To build trust in yourself, it's useful to begin by asking questions with definite answers. Use a tool like a pendulum to tap into your inner knowing on a daily basis. This can provide answers to life's all-important questions

The Pendulum

The pendulum is very powerful when it comes to gaining insights. Many times in life we can be frustrated because we are not sure which direction to take. The pendulum connects us to our higher self and our spiritual guidance. It helps us to trust our intuition and make choices that will ensure we're on the right path.

Study the Swing

To try it for yourself, prime the pendulum and recognize its direction for a yes, no, or not sure response. Do this by asking a simple question for which there's an obvious answer. I always ask my pendulum to show me yes, and then no. 

My pendulum usually will go round in circles if the answer is not sure. 

Recently, my yes starting going in the direction no used to be - and my no is swinging in the direction my yes used to be. The uncertain was still going round in circles. That is why it is good to check before you start.

Seek and You Will Find

spiritual practical awakening

Draw Upon Your Logic

Perhaps one of life's greatest maxims is the ancient Greek aphorism, "Know Thyself". When people realize the extent of their intuitive capabilities, many find some of the answers they seek and then act confidently on those feelings.

Indeed, those who regularly connect with their intuition often describe experiencing everyday miracles and amazing synchronicity. It can seem as though they have the Midas touch and are blessed with astounding good fortune. Yet, accessing these subtle powers is something anyone can do.
It's important, of course, to keep both feet firmly on the ground when big decisions are concerned. 
Especially, those decision that might affect other people. Making wise moves in life requires due diligence. It's important to be cautious and to listen to your hunches. 

Draw upon your logic. 

When wisdom is balanced with analytical thinking, it provides a useful compass to navigation. You are able to travel in an enjoyable and advantageous way.

Your inner wisdom will always guide you, if you listen and let it in. If you get quiet inside of your head, then your inner thoughts can come from your inner wisdom. When we are feeling judgmental, or self-conscious, or just plain uncomfortable inside, then usually it is just that noise in our head talking loudly. 

Jan Christenson,


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