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Inner Bible Alchemy

Healer of Air

The Healer of Air energies prompt: Adapt a story and pass it on. With pen, song or brush tell your story. What is remembered lives.

Healer of Air: King of Swords

king of swords

The Healer of Air energies manifest as Rosemary


The Healer of Air is calm and collected. She agrees with what Chogyam Trungpa taught about spiritual materialism: “Wisdom is not an ancient relic to be collected but inspiration for new awareness.”

She knows the medicine of Rosemary enhances cognitive function. Her mind is sharp and quick but she talks very little. She understands that words have wings, so she speaks only when she has something meaningful to offer.

She is a wonderful listener. She says, “Tell me more.”

People are drawn to her honesty. Just as Rosemary clears the mind, her counsel brings clarity and inspires peace.


head over heart
an unemotional, analytical man of authority who makes balanced judgements and gives excellent advice.
someone who is overly cautious

Craft With the Healer of Air

The Healer energies feature ancient herbs that have been used by humans for centuries. They are plants that have medicine particularly valuable for elder women but are useful for people of all ages. The plants themselves are established and well known. The herbs of the Healer energies are vehicles for stories. They highlight the herbcrafter’s role as keeper of secrets. They invite her to explore the world by listening for magic.

The Healer correspond to Kings in traditional tarot decks. They represent faith in the mysterious. They approach adventures with kindness and curiosity about the outcome. The Healer call us to a time of trust and respond to questions with, “Maybe so.” Linked to the initiations that began with deeper areas of study in the Sevens, they represent the fulfillment of the herbcrafter’s higher calling. They are the keepers of the elements, showing us how to preserve and protect what we value. As guides, they offer the gift of wisdom.


  • Call a story circle: make a rosemary crown to be worn by the storyteller
  • Enhance your memory: add fresh rosemary to your cold water
  • Inspire your writing: begin your journal session with a rosemary palm inhalation

Mini Meditation


Get into a relaxing position and close your eyes, make sure you are a comfortable temperature and not likely to be interrupted.

  • Take three deep breaths
  • Feel your tension melting away.

Imagine yourself doing one of the crafts mentioned above. Use your imagination. Make it as elaborate or as simple as you like. Have whomever you would like to be there come and share the time with you.

Imagine what it would look and feel like, as if it were really happening. Use your five senses and imagine all the sensory details as though you are really there.

Be creative and indulge in this moment.

Spend as long as you like in this visualization and feel the benefits of crafting with nature. Think about your meditation as often as you like as you go through your day. If possible, create it in reality.


The Herbcrafter


An herbcrafter is an afficianada of the botanical realm. She is in love with plants and longs to know them more deeply.

Her approach is driven by a playful, wild spirit.

The herbcrafter embraces the plant world as her teacher and friend through observation and botany, gardening and wildcrafting, medicine and kitchen craft, fiber arts and weaving, art and magic.

She recognizes herself as part of nature. She seeks reciprocity in all things. Through the relationship with the botanical world, she learns how plants and people can be of service to one another.


Adopt a story and pass it on. With pen, song or brush tell your story. What is remembered lives.

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