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The Child of Darkness, His Angels, and His Mother Wisdom created the Earth and All That is Upon and Immediately Around it. This site is about an In-Depth Study of That and Its Relevance to All of Us

Inner Bible Alchemy
December 28Electrifying ExcitementEnergy of the DaySpirituality

December 28

December 28, the Day of Electrifying Excitement, is a day to release the love that has been smothered within yourself. You may feel like you sometimes have an inability to breathe. You may be feeling stifled and have many times suppressed your need to cry. The mantras for today are:

  • It is safe now for me to take charge of my own life.
  • I choose to be free.

If this is your birthday, or if you resonate with today’s energies, then you either generate excitement or are drawn to exciting situations, or both. You are quick on your feet and an electric quality seems to permeate your endeavors.

Those born on this day can be extremely impulsive and rarely stop to ask themselves if they are headed on the correct course. Often their intuitions are correct, but they can also get themselves into plenty of hot water, fast.

Control the hurricane inside up and guide its power constructively. Try to understand yourself a bit better. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or forgiveness.

number one
The Number One is about new beginnings, 
where there will be plenty of 
opportunities to create a fresh start.

Opportunities play a very important 
role in catapulting you to where you 
need to be. It's in your best interest 
to follow them wherever they may lead. 
With the Number One you are being 
encouraged to find the inner strength 
and courage to step into the unknown - 
feel the fear and do it anyway. Create 
a brand new life.

When we stop looking outside ourselves
and surrender to a soft focus, we have 
access to unlimited information and 
resources. When we stop thinking with 
the glass ceiling of our intellect,
we have access to multidimensional
wisdom from the collective conscience.

Have you ever felt in total flow? Perhaps
when speaking about something profound,
that you have absolute faith in, you have 
heard your words articulately unfold.

At other times, when you have doubt, you 
must watch your words, and they come out
disjointed, only hinting at what you 
are trying to say.

New opportunities may present
themselves in the area of relationships,
home, or career. There might be a chance
to move, study or travel, or embark on
an exciting new endeavor. Regardless,
you must pay attention to the signs and
seize the moment it arises.

the hermit

Healing With the Color Brilliance

The 9th card of the Major Arcana is
the Hermit, who walks carrying a 
lantern and a stick, he represents 
meditation, isolation and silence. The 
card signifies crystallized wisdom and 
ultimate discipline. The Hermit is a 
taskmaster who uses conscience to keep 
others on their path. 

Positive energies are stick-to-it-iveness, 
purpose, profundity and concentration.
I Kings and II Kings:
Elias (or Elijah)  The Hermit  
(1 Kings 17 - 19, and 2 Kings 1 - 2) 
The energies of The Hermit manifest in 

Rest and stillness are good medicine. Go 
within and listen for your own voice. 
Clarity is found in places empty of 
others' thoughts and ideas. Usnea, also 
called "old man's beard," grows long and 
healthy on trees where the air is clean. 

Find your mountain. Ask for guidance from 
nature. There are many gifts to be gathered 
in dark times; rose hips, cottonwood, and 
pine cones among them. Seek understanding
from the allies you encounter during your
time alone. 

A reliable fire starter, Usnea
may save a life on a cold night, just as
the perfect insight can warm a dying soul.
When you are ready, let wisdom glow.

The god of the Bible, mainly of the Old Testament, is the first sinner and an enslaver. His sin is declaring himself the Most High God who is in need of worship. He is a god spark like the rest of us)

He is a deceiver. In reality all mankind is god for we all are god sparks, meaning we are parts of the One who is more than a God. This is the Divinity within us. We have to go within to know this Divinity

The true all encompassing One does not need worship. Requiring worship from mankind, the god spark of the One, is insanity. What is required from all god sparks is accurate knowledge.

The truly Highest One is more than a god. The One is male/female mind, a light body that cannot fully be physically embodied. Therefore the One could not walk about in the Garden of Eden. Genesis 8: 8-10

8 “Then the man and his wife heard the sound of the LORD God as he was walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and they hid from the LORD God among the trees of the garden.

9 But the LORD God called to the man, “Where are you?”

10 He answered, “I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid.”

The scripture at Psalm 82:1 says, “They know nothing, they understand nothing. They walk about in darkness; all the foundations of the earth are shaken. “I said, `You are “gods”; you are all sons of the Most High.” We are easily misled because of our ignorance of our divinity.

A man and a woman are human beings before they incarnate on the earth. Your body does not make you human. You are a human, a god, when you animate the body you will be born with.

A human being is a god being in a corruptible body.

The god of the Bible says, I Am, That I Am. “And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.” Exodus 3:14. But, this is not unusual so are the rest of us. 

The god of the Bible is delusional in that he would need to have others worship him. The One, the Divine which all light beings have within them, does not need our worship. The all Encompassing One is not lacking anything. Nor does the Divine need to punish us for being ignorant.

Being ignorant is what the god of the Bible needs of us because otherwise he cannot bully us. Therefore having knowledge of who we are, to this god, is a sin. As proven by what happened in the story of the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden, which this imposter says is the first sin. The greatest sin to this god is that you know you are also a god.

The way to acknowledge the god spark within is to understand that we all are, I Am, That I Am, and come into the sanity of reality. Affirmations and meditations are a crucial way to acknowledge and connect with our own god spark, our divinity.

Boss Jesus


Repeat the affirmation several times daily, or during meditation.

  • Through a calm sense of wonder and awe, I receive enlightened knowledge, understanding and awareness.


Enlightenment can mean different things depending on your perspective and religious beliefs. What unites all perceptions is the idea of awakening or discovering ultimate truth. For the purpose of this activity we will refer to enlightenment as becoming aware of a definite truth, a clear knowing and understanding of something. If you have differing beliefs you might choose to focus on them for a few minutes, but if the following resonate with you, take action on the tips.

  • Learn to understand your dreams. Dreams can tell us much about ourselves and lead to greater awareness of truth from a non-physical perspective. Keep a dream journal and look into dream interpretations, as well as the significance of your recurring dreams.
  • Learn to differentiate between an emotional, fear based response based on prior experiences, and a logical, appropriate response based on the evidence and your inner guidance.
  • Start a practice of yoga and meditation. When you blend mind-based activities with physical movement, you can become more aware of your body’s messages, and your own intuition and truth.

Throat Chakra: Church of Sardis

Church of Sardis: Revelation 3:1-6
Throat Chakra healing center is the throat.
Sit in a comfortable position that will 
allow you to remain alert and then focus 
your concentration on this exercise. 
Close your eyes and prepare for the 

Think of a vibrant mid-blue light in 
your throat area.

As you bring yourself into the present 
moment, check the mind and body for things 
you have carried throughout the day - 
perhaps things that have been going on 
recently or thoughts from the events of 
the day.

Whatever the thoughts and feelings are, 
simply acknowledge them and allow them to 
be, without any analysis or judgement.

Bring awareness to your breathing. Just 
breathe naturally and normally, without 
trying to control it; being mindful of the 
breath rising and falling as you inhale and 
exhale. As you breathe in focus on 
breathing in and then as you breathe out, 
focus on breathing out. Simply concentrate 
on the breath, breathing in and breathing 

Now gently shift your focus from the breath 
and bring it to sensations on the body. 
Observe and acknowledge the myriad of 
sensations flowing through the body as they 
change with each moment.
If you find areas of tightness and tension 
with your body check try to allow them to 
soften and relax.
Write down five truths about yourself. Look 
at your list and close your eyes. Imagine 
the Navy Colored Trail stretched out before 

You may see images or hear a song or feel 
the sun on the path. Allow all sensations. 
When you are ready, open your eyes. Did you 
come to any new awareness about your truths?


Alchemist Iris

Alchemist Iris is a minister, Reiki master, and hypnotherapist who has studied the Bible for many years with many differing opinions in many churches. She is also a researcher who is interested in people and how the Bible can best be used to help people to be spiritually the best versions of themselves. Her interest in fashion and interior design are also useful in helping others present to the world the vision that best defines them.

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